Ridgeway Computers Canada offers a whole range of Apple Macbook repairs Toronto and Oakville. We are the experienced and trusted repairers of all types of Apple devices including Mac and Mac Books. With a batch of professional technicians and experts, we are able to fix every problem on your Mac and get it running as the fastest. Our quality services are defined by the satisfaction that we earn from our clients and we follow the simple rule –either your problem solved or it’s free!


On-siteservice, any time!


Our technicians reach out to your home or office in the least of time as you book the service at our desk and they offer a swift solution on site. If your computer needs to be brought to our lab for thorough testing and repair jobs then we have in place secure and dedicated logistics also. You need not worry at all about the hassles as we do all for you! The repaired computer system is then re-installed at your premises. In most cases, we offer the ‘same day repair’ service which is also one of our hallmarks and has made us the trusted service providers in Canada.

Fully trained technicians at Ridgeway Computers

Our technicians are well trained in the hardware and software of Apple computers of all types and they provide very authentic service each time. You get the best solution which is economical too! We boast of offering the most cost effective Apple repair services in Canada. We offer the following repairing services –

  • Mac
  • MacBooks
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro&MacBook Pro
  • PowerBook G4
  • Power PC
  • Mac mini
  • iBooks
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Unibody MacBook 13 inch
  • Unibody MacBook Pro 13”, 15” & 17”
  • Pre Unibody MacBook
  • Pre Unibody MacBook Pro
  • MacBook screens and Pro Screens
  • MacBook motherboards
  • MacBook hard drives


If you have issues with any of your Mac oriDevices, then come to us or just give us a call at (905) 607-0096

We will be more than happy to assist you anytime for your ONSITE COMPUTER REPAIR GEEK services